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The Orthosoft is a highly supportive mattress with a comfortable feel,

The Orthosoft is avilable in 3 variants

  • Orthosoft:- 17/18cm deep, pleasntly supportive with a non stretch cover.
  • Vision:- 17/18cm deep with a stretch cover allowing the mattress to mould to your body and give enhanced support.
  • Vision Deluxe:- 22cm deep with a strech cover, the extra depth means this mattress gives more support and is suitable for heavier people as well as lighter people.



The Waterlattex has a more expensive core containing lattex which has excellent supportive qualities whilst being eco friendly


The Waterlattex is available in 3 variants

  • The natural rest:- 17/18cm deep, very supportive and comfortable.
  • Vision:- 17/18cm deep with a stretch cover to enhance comfort and support. It also has a breathable fabric banding.
  • Vision deluxe:- 20cm deep for extra support along with the stretch cover and breathable band. This really is a superb mattress





The Relaxsan firm has a core of high quality Verflex 35 which gives optimum firm support. This mattress is available in 3 variants.

  • Original:- 17/18cm deep, very firm with a non stretch cover.
  • Vision:- 17/18cm deep with a stretch cover which means the mattress is just as supportive, but does not feel quite so firm.
  • Ultra deep:- 22cm deep, non stretch and extra depth make this the ultimate in support, this really will hold you very firmly.

Relaxsan Firm

Ultra Firm Support




Medium firm support



Supple medium support